Handel and C.S. Boyll

About C.S. Boyll and “There’s a Blog in My Eye”

Thank you for being interested in “There’s a Blog in My Eye.” Usually, most Fridays there is a new blog entry about experiences and observations that is meant to offer you a little encouragement or a new insight. Having said that, I am currently taking a few months off to recharge. It’s good to be silent once in a while and recharge. Also, I’m doing final editing on a historic novel set in the 1600s temporarily titled Unexpected Riches. Stay tuned about its progress. Meanwhile, here are some facts about C.S. Boyll:

–a storyteller through writing and speaking. Genres range from children’s stories, to feature writing, to adult historical fiction.

–married to a great guy in a large clan.

–a friend, grateful for special people, worldwide.

–someone who has lived in 10 states and enjoys traveling.

–a North Dakota farmer’s daughter.

–a spiritual person, who prays often and receives answers. I am unashamedly a Jesus follower. He loved me first!

–a walker and hiker, hither and yon.

–a person who cannot imagine life without books.

–occasional editor and teacher.

–holder of two degrees from TCU, Fort Worth, Texas, and Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. One degree provided newspaper and magazine jobs at The Minot Daily News and the not-so-eternal Eternity magazine; the other degree allowed thinking more deeply about faith and culture, with the intended goal of clearer writing and teaching.