Writer’s Destination: From North Dakota to NYC

Deer in western North Dakota
Deer in western North Dakota (photo by CAB)

There’s a traveler’s joke that goes something like this: a lost hiker asks a farmer, “Mister, could you tell me how to get to New York City?”

The farmer is thoughtful and finally says, “Missy, this is not New York City. This is North Dakota.”

The hiker is patient: “Sir, I know that, but I need to get to New York City from here?”

The farmer shakes his head: “Well, missy, if I were going to New York City, I just wouldn’t start from here.”

The pragmatic farmer is correct, but the hiker has a point too. She may be lost, but she must get to her destination with or without the farmer’s help.

For this blogger’s inaugural launch, let’s get out a few facts. I view myself as a little quirky, with some professional training in journalism and studying Christianity in the mainstream of American culture. I have some good stories to share. I love storytelling, history, nature, books, life’s mysteries, God’s surprises, the Big Arc of the Good News. All of these subjects are what “There’s a Blog in My Eye” will center around. But life can be unexpected. Who knows what might pop up?


Until recently, I have resisted writing a blog and creating a writer’s website. The reasoning has gone that if I have time–or make time to write–I should work on projects rattling in the brain rather than blogging about those projects. And true confession:
there is a fear-failure factor in the mix of my excuses. But the professionals say I should have started a blog yesterday. A writer should write, right? The pros say my writings are my “products,” and myself is now a “brand.” Oh, ouch! But, after all, they are the experts, and I want to get to New York City.

Here is my challenge in a question: Can I be authentic to you, appreciated reader, and still pursue the business/marketing part of writing? As time passes, you will be the judge.

Here is my goal: I desire to build a positive community of readers who enjoy stories, often touching on history and faith. I want to entertain and enlighten. By writing well and truthfully, I hope I may lift a few reader burdens along the way.

It’s a long journey from North Dakota to New York City. Who knows what will happen? I invite you to come along each weekend and discover with me!